What is YiRS?

Youth-inspired Rocket Science based on the book Yep, It's Rocket Science by Bob Windt and Sarah Ford.

YiRS is the foundation for 'youth-inspired rocket science', an initiative based on Bob Windt's 137-page, spiral bound book that currently features 26 step-by-step instructions to make different science projects, such as Styrofoam boats, paper rockets and airplanes, small electric hovercrafts, and more! 

YiRS and building the Umbrella organization for Bob, and his vision for the youth: get them inspired to build, play, create, and explore through hands-on projects that teach principles of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). Bob has mastered the art of using household items to craft his "science toys," and believe me when I say the kids literally have a blast! The most popular by far is the paper rocket that's launched via a PVC pipe and empty soda bottle. Bob has inspired thousands of kids already, and he is set to go much bigger, thanks to an exciting development this year.